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School Uniforms are Here!
School uniforms are required to be worn every day. There are no exceptions. If your child is needing a uniform please send them to Administration to receive one.

No Mobile Electronics
No mobile electronics (mobile phone, iPod, etc.) are allowed on the school campus.
Your child needs to make transportation arrangements prior to coming to school.
You can reach your child during the school day through the main office phone.
For emergencies your child will be allowed to use the phone in reception.

Welcome to Manor Hall International School
A Unique School of the Highest Standards



Manor Hall International School meets each child where they are, prepares them for higher learning, encourages them to become vibrant people of good character who love truth and learning who effectively influence society through moral and conscientious service and courageous leadership.



Our vision for our students is that they would take pride in their learning heritage and over their lifetimes become vibrant global citizens of truth and life-long learning in every vocation, conscientiously influencing the world and courageously leading the way.


Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

. (Functional Academics) Individuals who love truth and learning and are academically prepared to enter premier institutions of higher learning.

. ( Communication) Individuals who communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, influencing those around them with care and integrity.

. ( Decision Making) Individuals who apply research and problem-solving skills to articulate and make decisions in a moral and conscientious way.

. ( Interpersonal) Individuals who vibrantly interact with and confidently influence people in a highly varied global community.

. ( Self-leadership) Individuals who are self-disciplined, exhibiting good character based on moral values taking responsibility for their actions.

. ( Leadership) Individuals who take the initiative to serve, mentor and courageously lead others.


About Us

Manor Hall International School is a private school in Al Ain, UAE, that follows the American curriculum. Founded in 2007, the school currently includes classes from kindergarten through grade 10. Grades 11, and 12 are being added annually. We focus on creativity and cross-curriculum learning, using a standardized American curriculum through Holt/Harcourt, and our students are prepared throughout their studies for future entrance to universities in the West or at home. Because of our insistence on the highest standards for our faculty, staff, and students, MHIS has quickly earned a reputation as being among the best of educational programs in the region .

The language of instruction at MHIS is English, and Arabic classes are also part of the curriculum. Our students have a robust program of instruction in English/Language Arts, Music and the Arts, Social Studies, and Science. All of our teachers are natives of the U.S., Canada, or the U.K. and are native English speakers. Our teachers are certified in their home countries according to strict standards and hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Education and/or their subject specialties .


Educational Technology

Instructional Technology at MHIS is at the leading edge of innovation. Every teacher and student has access to an iPad2 for a wide variety of activities and tasks employed by the teacher in the classroom. Uses include e-books, encyclopedias, science apps, and math utilities for all ages from Kindergarten through high school.

Classrooms are also equipped with Multi-Touch Smartboards and Assessment Controllers, both of which are the latest digital devices for multi-media and student-teacher interaction. Blackboard educational software is used for testing, record keeping, and communication among parents, teachers, and students.


Facilities & Activities

Manor Hall has a grass soccer yard, and there are basketball, baseball, rugby, volleyball, indoor gymnastics, tennis, and indoor swimming activities for students to learn and practice physical fitness. A program of special interest clubs and organizations continues to evolve, with teachers serving as leaders for students of all grades who want to explore, learn, and interact with special activities and topics.